Driving & Work Lights

See more of the road ahead or safely light your work areas

Illuminate your world

Automotive lighting has come a long way, with LED now dominating the market as a cost effective and efficient way of lighting an engine bay, workshop, campsite or the road ahead. Partnering with some of the world’s most respected and trusted names in lighting, Ashdown-Ingram supplies high quality aftermarket lighting solutions for passenger, off-road, mining and light vehicles. Lighting is more than just putting a light on a vehicle; it’s about creating the right lighting plan to suit the needs of a customer. The Lighting range includes LED lighting, HID lighting, work lights, emergency lighting, safety lighting and globes supplied by industry leading brands such as OEX, Blacktips, Ecco, Great Whites, Hella, LED Autolamps, Narva, Philips and Redarc.